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SilverBack SBX1 Xtreme Clean is a new Bio-Degradable 'Florotech-Gel' formulation which is manufactured in the UK to the highest standard possible without using conventional cleaning surfactants and still removes dirt with fantastic results every time. It is thicker than other cleaning products allowing it to adhere to the surface and penetrate the dirt whilst using less product at the same time. It can be used on most materials including carbon fibre, aluminium, metals, rubbers and plastics.

SBX1 was developed by professionals for professional results!

Silverback SBX10 wet chain lube is perfect for those riders that aren’t put off by the wet conditions. SBX10 penetrates deep into the chain to prevent rust and delivers long lasting lubrication in Xtreme conditions. SBX10 reduces friction & wear to increase chain efficiency.

Silverback SBX11 Dry chain lube is perfect for those dry and dusty tracks and roads. SBX11 penetrates deep into the chain while leaving a dry waxy coat to prevent dust, sand and other dry particles sticking to the chain. SBX11 reduces friction & wear to increase chain efficiency.

Silverback SBX2 ‘SILKYMILK’ protect and shine is developed for use on most hard surfaces. SBX2 is a bio-degradable visco (thin) easy to use ‘silky milk emulsion spray developed by our chemists and is Xtremely good on sensitive paintwork, plastics and decals etc. such as dirt bikes, mountain bikes and road machines.

This Xtreme formulation provides a natural streak free shine leaving a protective micro silicone layer with no sticky residues. Silky milk leaves a perfect Xtreme shine, returns tired looking vinyl and plastics to almost original condition.

Silverback SBX6 goggle cleaner and anti-fog has been formulated to leave a micro protective clear film on your visor/lens. SBX6 is designed to bead any moisture on your visor/lens and prevent the inside from fogging up, giving you a better quality vision.

Silverback SBX5 ‘Hand jobs’ multi-purpose wipes.A  unique mono-coated fabric with self scrubbing action removes adhesives, grease, oil and ground in dirt in one easy step. SBX5 cleans your hands safely.